About UIRC Last Mile Platform

Extensive Market Knowledge and Control

UIRC has extensive knowledge of the local industrial market including property rents, vacancy and tenant needs as a result of its 25+ years of acquisition and management experience in this market.

UIRC is already in control of approximately 10% of the overall I-55 corridor market, and estimates that it controls approximately 20% of the for lease (non-owner occupied) premises within this market.

UIRC has proven to be a landlord of choice for its tenants. As UIRC continues to acquire additional properties and gain mass in this market, the company is well positioned to serve its existing and new tenants by meeting needs for greater space.

As existing tenants have grown, UIRC has been able to accommodate their growth and provide flexibility without early termination penalties on leases and effectively manages the subleasing of old space.

A key component of UIRC’s business strategy has been to always have available space to meet the market needs of its tenants, while also maintaining low vacancy levels.