Energy Efficiency

UIRC's Transition to Smart Buildings


      UIRC’s goal is to have all properties to transition into smart buildings in order to drive down energy usage, with a correlating annual cost decrease. By working with IoEnergy, we have installed a building access system (BAS) into more than half of our properties across the country.

          With 1.7 million square feet stretched across 75 properties in 15 states, our Facilities Asset Services Team (FAST) is able to access cloud-based controls for any property from anywhere in the world on a smart device. This includes heating, air conditioning, and lighting, with water valve controls in the near future. By saving our clients on their annual energy costs, UIRC has simultaneously decreased energy usage across our GSA portfolio. With IoEnergy replaced outdated lighting and installing wireless building access systems, our EnergyStar rating has increased from 47 to 76—making us EnergyStar certified. Reducing our carbon footprint has helped us decrease net operating income, increase property valuation, and contribute our part to the ecosystem.

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