Property Management & Vendor Shortcomings

Vendor management has always been an essential component of commercial property management, but recent events have created a unique situation where vendors around the world are struggling to deliver their regular services.

If you find yourself struggling to keep pace with vendors as they increase prices, lengthen lead times, lower product availability, and deal with their own labor issues, it might be time to consider partnering with someone with a long track record of making up for common vendor shortcomings.

Common Vendor Issues

The four key issues mentioned in the introduction are today’s most significant problems plaguing vendors in the property management industry. Each presents a unique hurdle that all commercial property owners will eventually encounter. Because the price of almost every raw material is rapidly increasing, vendors have no choice but to raise their prices to maintain profitability. At the same time, those vendors are also struggling to find materials at any price, leading to longer lead times on projects and lower overall product availability.

As if all those supply chain issues weren’t enough, there is also a nationwide labor shortage where many vendors simply can’t find enough help to keep up with everything they need to get done. These vendor issues directly impact the tenants of a commercial property. They can also affect the investors in that property if regular maintenance is not maintained and rental income or the property’s overall value drops because of it.

The UIRC Advantage

With over 25 years of experience managing over 135 commercial properties across 28 states, UIRC has the experience and the size to handle the vendor shortcomings everyone is dealing with much better than any individual property owner. Our extensive experience and long-term vendor relationships give us a tremendous advantage in resolving vendor shortage issues by handling a wide range of vendor issues ourselves through our mobile services and CMMS (Computer Management Maintenance Systems) software. Because UIRC is a nationwide operation, we can also pull needed stock from vendors in other parts of the country when we encounter local outages of various products.

If you are tired of dealing with vendors on your own and looking for a complete commercial property management solution, contact UIRC today and let us get started taking care of your property.

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