Victor Perales with GVMP has always gone above and beyond for UIRC, especially during the pandemic. Once a tenant reports an outbreak, he is immediately on site to begin the decontamination process. GVMP has even traveled 10 hours to a property and had completed the job within 24 hours. Having reliable vendors like Victor maintaining our properties is a big part of UIRC’s success of keeping up with Covid.

Being in the business of maintaining primarily government-run properties means there are no closures. During a pandemic, that means having a higher chance of outbreaks, from both the public and essential workers. UIRC’s role is to make sure that our response time to the reported outbreaks is within a 24-hour timeframe and our decontamination is as thorough as possible. Safety and containment are at the forefront of our concerns. Before the decontamination process can even begin, we make sure that the entire property has been evacuated and that our vendors have received the required OSHA training and using personal protective equipment/EPA registered disinfectant products. All vendors are also screened in advance before allowed access to a site to prevent any further spread of the airborne pathogen.

In order to prevent exposure, UIRC has set up specific guidelines for our tenants to adhere to. All staff is required to don PPE, including face masks and gloves. On-site cleaning supplies and the cleaning/disinfecting of surfaces in common, high traffic areas have also increased. Working with border patrol means that there may be several persons at a time in a confined area. Our installation of iWave air purifiers significantly reduces the number of pathogens in the air at these locations. In the event there is an outbreak, our vendors use their OSHA approved procedures to ensure complete decontamination. For example, CAT5 Restoration will tour the building to establish a critical path before initiating a thermo fogging disinfectant throughout the facility, using a Hospital Grade Bio Based Fogging System. They will then go through and wipe all surfaces with cleaners approved for the coronavirus and perform a final walk through. After over 40 reported outbreaks and decontamination processes at 20 different properties, UIRC has been able to stay on top of the pandemic. Having transparency with both our tenants and vendors is the how we guarantee a safe, virtually virus free environments for our tenants to feel safe at their place of employment.

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