Last Mile Logistics

The Last Mile

Industrial Investment Strategy for the I-55 Corridor

UIR focuses on industrial warehouses inside the corporate limits of Chicago that were within a five-minute drive from the I-55 expressway. The company found that facilities in this market offer their tenants a unique combination of ready access to regional distribution centers located in the far SW suburbs, as well as highly efficient access to central business customers. Investments in this micro-niche have given UIR the ability to provide an immediate solution to companies who have realized the logistical benefits of having a “close-in” distribution center.

Last Mile Logistics

The Chicago Phenomenon

Within the I-55 corridor, an increasing number of distribution/industrial service users have entered the local market due to a growing emphasis on logistical efficiencies for last mile distribution space. Last Mile Distribution space space is industrial property that is located within four to seven miles of Chicago’s central business district.

  • Geography: I-55 is the primary route for goods and services moving in and out of Chicago.
  • Increasing Demand: Continued focus on logistical efficiency by users for the distribution of goods and services serving the close-in Chicago and suburban market will drive increasing demand for space within the I-55 corridor.
  • Decreasing Supply: Approximately 2.2 million square feet of space has been removed in the I-55 corridor in the last four years.

The Market

Giving old buildings new life!

Chicago’s changing manu-facturing landscape has resulted in a ready supply of oversized and underused buildings no longer viable as manufacturing facilities. However, many of these properties can cost-effectively be adapted to warehouse and distribution centers. This is particularly true on the near Southwest side of the City of Chicago, along the I-55 corridor. It is within this unique geographic, economic and political environment that UIR has successfully adapted millions of square feet and has become the premier redeveloper and landlord of choice.

UIR is in the business of making old industrial buildings work harder. Many of our properties are structurally sound, but obsolete, manufacturing facilities that we have adapted for a second life in storage and distribution. Often that second life involves demolition of outdated portions of a structure to provide better access for truck staging and off-loading activities. In other cases we have added new structures to existing buildings in order to expand storage capabilities. UIR is at the forefront in returning underused industrial properties to valid economic use.


A changing manufacturing scene…

Distribution and storage is a fluid activity, often a client’s space require-ments can change rapidly with little advance notice. UIR is structured to accommodate those changing space and distribution needs.

Our goal is to facilitate our client’s business activities without complications. We want our leases to work for a tenant and we frequently restructure lease agreements to meet evolving business needs. Our strength in the I-55 area allows us to structure a variety of creative solutions.

Safety and Security

I-55 Corridor Environment

Safety and Security in dense urban areas has many facets and many concerns. UIR integrates the safety of employees, equipment and shipments alike with on-site, fenced staging and parking areas. UIR’s developments are located in some of the city’s lowest crime rate census tracts, and important consideration for employee recruitment and retention.

In addition, we take into consideration traffic patterns including right turn only options to major thoroughfares and expressway on-off ramps. All of our developments are located in cohesive, successful business environments with state-of-the-art passive and active security systems and surveillance.