Commercial Real Estate Financial Services

UIRC can provide you both independent and fully integrated property accounting services nationally, and across all major asset classes in the industry. We provide asset level services in the form of transactional processing and production of financial statements for office, GSA and industrial. This service is unique and provides you an accurate and consistent property accounting which can be combined with Property Management or completely independent.

While managing tenants and tending to maintenances are the most commonly requested services, being about to provide an extensive list of commercial real estate financial services is where UIRC can provide clients with unexpected additional value.

When you are dealing with GSA leasing on commercial properties, all of those services become even more valuable. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the financial services that our clients enjoy.

Preparation of Annual Budgets

As a commercial property owner, you want access to more information than the totals coming and going each year. We provide clients with a full suite of financial reports that dig into the details of their properties.

Complete Monthly Reporting

Our financial reports also shine on a monthly basis, where we can provide statements that show key metrics like rent roll and actual-to-budget variance to help decision makers spot problems while they can still be corrected.

Maintenance of Comprehensive Records and Property Data

Keeping organized records is another area where UIRC can provide value. We make a point to keep every single document you might ever need on file in an easily accessible system that works for everyone involved in managing the property. Having this detailed documentation readily available is essential when dealing with GSA properties.

Timely, Accurate Billing

Billing tenants is one of the most commonly requested services, and UIRC delivers there as well with timely and accurate billing of tenants and processing invoices using the MRI commercial real estate accounting software.

Tenant Improvements

Handling tenant improvements can be one of the trickiest aspects of commercial property management, especially when dealing with GSA leasing, but UIRC can handle all of those details for you.

TI Funding

As one of the country’s largest commercial property management companies, UIRC has existing relationships with banks that understand the dynamics of GSA properties and are ready and willing to provide funding for improvements to your properties.

TI Negotiations

If any negotiations are required in dealing with tenant improvements, UIRC is happy to represent the property’s best interests in any discussion that needs to happen at any point in the process.

TI Project Management

UIRC can also manage an entire tenant improvement project on a GSA property, ensuring that every expectation gets met with every effort to bring it in on time and under budget.

Commercial property management involves an extensive range of moving parts, but UIRC has the experience and the established relationships to execute just about any aspect on behalf of your property in a way that represents you with integrity. Contact us today, and let’s have a conversation about what we can do for your property.