GSA Lease Operational Requirements

The General Services Administration (GSA) is the nation’s largest public real estate organization that leases spaces such as labs, offices, clinics, and warehouses for federal agencies all over the country. When pursuing a GSA lease, there are certain operational requirements that must be met in order to be compliant, which is why it’s important to work with a company that understands and can handle GSA lease requirements.

At Urban Investment Research Corporation (UIRC), our GSA Platform was started in the 1990s and has been instrumental in aggregating, optimizing management, and institutionalizing the asset class. We help investors with many of the integral components of GSA leases.

GSA Lease Requirements that UIRC can help with:

  • Property management

GSA lease property management have requirements for: operational hours for the space, janitorial services, which that are above most market requirements, maintenance for tenant carpet and paint, and cyclical replacement for tenant carpet and paint.

  • Financial services

Financial services we provide include preparing annual budgets, monthly reporting, maintenance records and data, billing, tenant improvements and funding, and project management.

  • Building automation systems

Building automation services include lighting, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, fire alarms, elevators, surveillance, etc., and can be handled by UIRC.

  • Negotiations

While GSA leases are specific in scope, there are always gray areas where you will need a qualified property management firm that understands the nuances of interpreting a GSA lease. Managing over 140 leases gives UIRC the upper hand at seeing the bigger picture on gray areas within the lease. UIRC will ensure that you’re getting the best deal while also being GSA compliant on your new lease.

  • Maintenance Requirements

One of our services includes keeping track of maintenance records and data and making sure that your building is following the maintenance requirements that have been established by the GSA.

Acquiring a GSA lease is quite the accomplishment and one that you should be proud of. Contact UIRC today for assistance with your GSA leased property!

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