GSA Lease Operational Requirements

The General Services Administration (GSA) is a federally funded and ran real estate organization that leases spaces such as labs, offices, clinics, and warehouses for federal agencies all over the country. When pursuing and obtaining a GSA lease, there are several operational requirements that must be met in order to be compliant with the GSA, which is why working with a company that understands GSA lease requirements is imperative.

Should I Use a Property Management Company?

Investing in the property was an easy decision. The numbers made too much sense. But deciding whether to manage it yourself or partner with a property management company is a more challenging decision.

Property Management – Vendor Shortcomings

Vendor management has always been an essential component of commercial property management, but recent events have created a unique situation where vendors around the world are struggling to deliver their regular services.

What is a Typical Commercial Property Management Fee?

Our primary goal at UIRC is to create value for our owners, tenants, and investors by optimizing property operations. In most cases, that means providing commercial property management services that optimize operations by reducing costs, value engineering, and leveraging economies of scale to achieve certain goals.

Federal Office Re-entry

Thankfully, the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be behind us. This means more concerts and sporting events, easier travel, and a return to the workplace. If you have a government lease, you should be aware of how the re-entry process is going for government offices and how union workers are reacting in order to make the process as smooth as possible.


Being in the business of maintaining primarily government-run properties means there are no closures.

Energy Efficiency

UIRC’s goal is to have all properties to transition into smart buildings in order to drive down energy usage, with a correlating annual cost decrease. By working with IoEnergy, we have installed a building access system (BAS) into more than half of our properties across the country